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Name: Evgeni Victorovich Plushenko
Nicknames: Zhenya, Plushy etc
Date of Birth: November 3, 1982, he is a Scorpio.
Height & Weight: 178 cm, 70 kg
Native Country: Russia
Birthtown: Solnechni (Khabarovsk region in Siberia), moved to Volgograd when he was 3.
Began Skating: Age 4
Hometown: Volgograd, moved from Volgograd to St. Petersburg when he was 11.
Current Residence: St. Petersburg
Profession: Student ( Lesgaft Academy )
Parents: Victor and Tatiana Vasilievna
Sister & Niece: Elena, Dascha
Family:  A son born 2006-06-15, Egor Evgenivich w exwife Maria
Pets: American Bulldog, a Yorkie....? A cat named Пухликом.
Favourite Colours: Black, red, blue.
Hobbies: Tennis, Soccer, Billiards, Computer Games, Paintball
Food: Fried chicken & dessert Strawberry cheesecake.
Movie: Romeo must Die. And he likes Tom Cruise.
Fashion/Clothes: He likes fashion a lot, favourites: Versace & Prada, also Abercrombie & Fitch.
Favourite cars: Mercedes & BMW.
Music: Russian popmusic.
Coach: Alexei Nickolaevich Mishin
Former Coach: Mikhail Makoveyev 1986-93
Idol: Victor Petrenko
Choreographers: Kirill Simonow and Valery Mihailovsky
Home Rink: Yubileyney Rink, Palace of Sports
Competition Career:

2006 Olympic Champion

Three time World Champion

Five time European Champion

2002 Olympic Games Silver Medalist

Seven times Russian National Champion

Personal Best Total Score (Current World Record)
258.33 points!

Personal Best Total Score Short/Free Program
90,66/167,67 points!

Since 1996 he won 52 Gold Medals
14 Silver & 4 Bronze Medals!

Since 1998 he recieved 75 times the
perfect mark 6.0!




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