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Nov - News
 Divorce and health!

Well apparently the divorce is still going on. The article says that divorce should be final by early next year. The article it's about what Maria is asking for the divorce. She wants the apartment Putin gave Plush after winning Olympics. Now usually this shouldn't be in consideration because the apartment was a gift to Plush but Plushenko's attorneys are saying that Maria's ones presented documents putting Plush as the buyer of the apartment in which case since it was purchased after the marriage she is entitled of the 50%. From the article, Maria's attorneys have expressed the desire of Maria's family to buy from Evgeni the other half so she can become the sole owner of it; Evgeni's attorneys have said that Evgeni has decided that he will give any other real state to Maria but not that one. While all this is going on, none actually lives in that apartment right now.

Onto more positive news, in the lower half of the article it says:

As to state of Plushenko's health, everything is fine. He has already started regular trainings on the skating rink. "We have already made, let's say the base of and picked up the music for the future short program of Zhenia and we have some ideas about the free - the trainer of figure skater Alexei Mishin has informed tje press– However in this season, Plushenko won't compete in any official competition. He's finally decided that". The trainer has emphasized, that the intention of the figure skater to return to compete is rather seriously for what he is now training two times a day.

Well and saving the best for last

(This is a long interview to Mishin, it's very interesting, they talk about Plush at the end)

-- The contour of his new short program is ready. Until just recently the intentions of Plushenko to continue his sports career bore a verbal nature, now they have gone to an action stage. We are not there yet with the free one. As for competing this season and show crude unfinished numbers, we decided better not. In order to enter into next season, it's necesarry to do so with the programs ready and with the concept of the performances.

-- Could Plushenko change his mind?
-- It seems to me, that the level of his skill, image, aura are beyond his own personal interests and wishes. Plushenko in figure skating is very interesting. And to me, as trainer, it is as well. This feat, it's impossible to plan it, it can only be made. For what I see on trainings, I can tell Zhenia is serious about. But sometimes unexpected things happen and so I cannot give you any promises.

Oct - News
11 okt Here is the part where (unless I translated it quite wrong, and that's always a possibility, I think he is saying he won't compete this season

- You have already started trainings with your sights in Vancouver, but we were informed, that you still have problems with your knee. Did it make sense to keep touring if you can risk your health and Olympics? [Well this person does not know Plush at all, WHEN has he made sense when it comes to his health?]
- Yes, I made the decision to come back to amateur and perform at the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver. Recently I had surgery on the meniscus, they cut out five centimeters, because it was deformed, but the knee didn't heal there was liquid and pus accumulated in it. Then the surgery happened and all was good, all was well but then when I started getting better, and started to train...maybe it was too much too soon. And my leg was not well, so I left again for Germany, where they gave me an injection. They said that in a week everything will be good and the blood circulation would be better...
But, unfortunately, that didn't happen. So it's necessary another surgery. So I made my decision to get the next surgery but in the next summer. This season I'm performing every now and then, but I will enter into the new one with my programs already prepared, short and free, and I will make new exhibitions numbers and I will get back in shape slowly.
So far I don't have the quadruples but I do have the spins and footwork, and I will come up with a way to perform, so that next year after the surgery, be ready with my new programs.
I think, this is probably a quite good strategy. Of course I could have skip this season, stay at home, just be engaged in physical rehabilitation, but I've skated all my life through pain and now I skate with an special knee cup that holds my knee. It was possible to just throw away this season, but I have decided that that would be wrong. I've already made arrangements to do shows here and in Barnaul where they gave us an standing ovation …
So I can't, because if you promise something, you need to carry it out.

- And how does your parents react when they see you skate through pain?
- Well I'm already a big boy. I've been twenty years in the sport, and I'm responsible of my life. . And even if mum would tell me: "no" I would still do it. Of course, mum suffers from it, but it's my work, she understand...

- And what if your kid does this sport while you know it's harmful?
- You know, truth is that any professional sport is harmful, but the phsycal exercise it's always good....

So, he does say he won't skate this season right? Because what I understand and it is what I translated is that he will prepare the programs in advance so next season after the surgery he'll have the programs ready and he'll only need to get better, right?
- Plushenko will have a new surgery next summer, he said that they removed part of the meniscus on the first surgery but they didn't want to remove more because Plushenko told the doctors he wanted to compete and if they remove it all, when he land a jump the two bones will crash each other and start to create a deformation; but apparently they are going to need to cut some more of the meniscus. Also the injection didn't work at all, just for a few days, so in theory he is sill feels pain.
- He said that in the summer he will get surgery and then really really rest so he can heal properly.
- Evgeni knows that the sport life is not forver so he really wants to work on his dream about a skating school in Volgograd, and seems plans are going well.
- He says they have asked him to be on a movie bu he cannot do everything, especially because he wants to spend time with Egor that he hardly sees. He says that the divorce is still on process and he does not want to traumitze Egor so when everything is over, he will be able to be with him more time, to travel with him by his own. He is now convinved he'll be an athlete but he does not know in what.
The main issue, when Evgeni Plushenko was asked about his plant to return to amateur, the star of figure skating answered ambiguously.
- You know, I would LIKE (Evgeni especially focused this word to attention) to return to figure skating and try to compete at the Europeand and Worlds and the Olympic Games...but...we'll see.
Sept - News
Evgeni Plushenko will not compete at the ISU Gran Prix stage in Moscow, at the best he will be ready for the Russian Nationals in Petersburg on January.

The Olympic Games champion, multiple World and European champion Evgeni Plushenko, missed the competitve 2006/2007 season, and this summer he went under surgery for his meniscus that brought complications. Going against a written promise that he gave to the Figure Skating President Valentin Pissiev, he will not perform in of the stages of the Russian Cup [Kazaan] nor in the ISU Grand Prix "Cup of Russia" in Moscow on November, 22-25nd. About this, Ari Zakarian, sports manager of Evgeni Plushenko, talked with "Allsport".

«After numerous inspections and consultations in Russia and abroad we have decided not to make an extra surgery, it does not seem that it's urgent to do so - has said Ari Zakarian - Now Zhenia is in Petersburg. He is working with a physical program under the care of the brothers Dmitry and Alexander Kapitonov, knowm marathon-runners of the past, that competed in Olympic Games. And, of course, he is skating. Through unpleasant feelings and pain, but he is doing triple jumps. There is no doubt about this: Plushenko wants and he will come back to amateur sports. In order to perform a dream, that is to compete on the third Olympic Games in 2010 in Vancouver, he even refused his participation in the two main channels of the country. However, it's obvious that his health problems, meaning his surgery on the meniscus and the subsequent complications he cannot performed, as planned on the 3rd stage of the Russian Cup in Kazan nor on the ISU Grand Prix "Cup of Russia" in Moscow. Zhenia does not want to compete unprepared because it's not proper of his champion status and it always comes with a new set of complications and injuries. Therefore we now have set a new aim: to be ready and compete at the Russian Nationals that will take place from January 4th-8th in Petersburg. We hope, that after that, the Europeans Championships and World Championships will follow. Right now, there's going on a very active work on the new programs, Zhenia with his coach Alexei Mishin have already chosen the music. What they have chose, it's a secret. But they have already began on setting the program and the choreography. And in order to get in shape, feel the ice, the arena, we will go through a share of shows. On September 21st Plushenko will perform during the opening ceremony of the economic investment forum "Kuban 2007" in Sochi where the presence of the President of Russia is expected. At the end of September, there will take place three shows for the "Golden ice Stradivaru" tour, then he will fly to USA for an appeareance with the starts of the USA stage. On October, 16th, he will tape in Moscow the program "The humour of the year" which will be shown on the First Channel, where Zhenia will perform his well known "Sex Bomb". On October, 20th and 21 he will participate in a showin Italy, in Milan and Turin. Well and then the remaining period will be focus completely on the training for the Russian Nationals championship.»
This knee is directly and in figurative sense the main pain of the champion. In July, German doctors performed a surgery on the injured meniscus. The scalpel of the surgeon did not fixed the problem and it was required an extra intervention. However, the injection that was pushed into the cartilage did not brought the effect desired. It's because of this that the comeback of Plushenko to the sports will take one competition at the time. In this season, he will get back in shape, he will work in basic jumps and put new programs. To appear in Europeans and Worlds are planned for the next season. [I don't know exactly if it means the next season, as the next year, or the next season as in 08/09]
July - News
This is an interview he did a couple of hours after the surgery was finished.

— Zhenia, how did the surgery go?
— The doctors say that everything have gone very well. Now I will stay for some time in Germany because it's necessary a rehabilitation period. So by now, they won't let me go. [He left to Petersburg on the 16th I think]

— Will you stay in rehabilitation in the same clinic where the surgery took place?
— No, here there are a whole network of clinics. In one they do surgerys, and then they bring you to another place that it's the rehabilitation center.

— What did the doctors say?
— There's nothing to say, it works differently. Therefore none has given me any promises.

— But you know yourlself, your organism, going from what you feel now, what do you think?
— What's to think? Knowing myself, I'm confident that I will step on ice very soon.

— So you still thing that, as planned, you'll go to train to Spain in August? The season is soon starting.
— The training in camp is in a couple of weeks. Also, besides rehabilitation, I still have to rest. So I do not exclude that I might not go to Spain at all.

— So you'll leave from Germany to St. Petersburg then?
— Yes, it would be probably on my city (my ice) that I will begin training for the season.

— Did the surgery take place in the same one you got surgery on 2005?
— No. It was another clinic and another surgeon.

— Was a laparoscopy surgery or were you put to sleep?
— No, I slept. Very deep anesthesia, I slept through it all.

— Everything ok with that? How do you feel now that some hours have passed?
— Well since I'm talking to you, that means I'm not feeling bad. I don't have problem with anesthecia.

— Did you really postponed surgery due your trip to Guatemala?
— I could not, naturally miss that event. And I said that to everyone, to the officials, and everyone else, that I had to go and do this. And and they said, everyone understood, that this was for Russia so they could get the Olympic Games! So I still went even with the meniscus issue.

— Zhenia, thanks, take care and get well.
— Thanks to you. I think we'll talk more when I'm there and not by phone.

So from what I understand the surgery took more than three hours because the meniscus was not just damaged but it was crushed into pieces inside the knee and it was full of pus. So to drained it and to take all the pieces took a longer time as well as it made it a more complex surgery. It says that the restoration period should be longer now and the doctors said that in 2 months Evgeni should be fully recovered from the surgery.

Then again that woudl make him ready to just start training by mid-september.

June - News
Well not the best news to start this thread, but well...


Plushenko's wife [well, officially they are still married...I think] has brought legal action against his mum

The wife of the figure skater has accused the woman of slander and demands from his husband's family the sum of 500 000 [roubles]

The scandalous situation around the divorce of the Olympic champion and his 21-year old wife Maria Ermak has received an unexpected development.

The offended wife, in her wish to hurt Zhenia even more painfully, has brought legal action against his mum, Tatiana Vasileva Plushenko.

Masha, who does not live with Plushenko for almost a year, accuses the woman of slander and demands to collect from her a round sum for mental cruelty.

Let's remember, that the family life of the known figure skater and his wife did not started well after the wedding. But Plushenko only asked for divorce in February, before that he made several attempts to stay together for the sake of the child. Zhenia's closest person, his mum, supported her dear son's desition. While before she also persuaded him to not get a divorce, when the conditions in the family became intolerable, she no longer oppossed the inevitable succession of events.Tatyana Vasilevna could not keep quiet the fact of how her family didn't allow Zhenia to see his son, as well as she wouldn't let him on his apartment to gather his things. To get his suitcases with his clotes, Plushenko had to call the police. The woman, didn't kept quiet either in many interviews when she described that about his son. It's possible to understand the figure skater's mom, she couldn't observe indifferently the sufferings of his son.

Maria Ermak who expects to win on trial most part of his husband's property, has also taken advantage of this situation. She has brought legal action against Tatiana Vasileva. Plushenko's wife accuses his mum of slander and insult of her honour and merit. And she demands not only that her (Plush's mom) takes responsability but also to collect from that family no less than half-million roubles.

When Tatiana Vasileva found out about this, after receiving notification by mail, she almost lost her speech. She already knew for sure that Maria's family and Maria don't like her, but not even her could have though that they will have the nerve to demand money. She has called her son right away who was touring in America. Zhenia like her mother was shocked but he has tried to calm her and promised her that he won't let anyone offend her.

- Mum suffer very much, - has told to "Your DAY" Zhenia - but I don't want to talk about this very unplesant history. For us this was very unexpected.
May - News
Despite the word of the figure skater, who stated that he will begin training in the summer, the final decision hasn't been done.

“Zhenia has a very serious intention to start his training for the season in August. But some of the conditions of guaranteeing his training process must be observed. Thus far I do not see that has been work on”, said Mishin.

According to the information, Plushenko hasn't yet agree with the RFSF or the sponsort about the financial support about his comeback to the sport. About this, Mishin acknowledged that he wants Evgeni to have the possibility to work, not with other skaters, but on separate ice.

[If you have seen videos, you know Evgeni trains in Yubeliny with a lot of skaters around him]
Evgeni Plushenko will compete in Cup of Russia on November, 22-25nd, and Totmianina and Marinin in Russian Nationals on January, 4-8th

The 2006 Olympic champions on figure skating Evgeni Plushenko and Tatiana Totmianina with Maxim Marinin that missed last season, will stay in amateurs. We were able to talk about this with the president of RFSF Valentin Pissiev who called "All Sports" to talk about the terms that he has agreed with their trainers.

«This last days, I talked to Evgeni Plusneko's trainer and agent, Alexei Mishin and Ari Zakarian, and also with Maxim Marinin and Tatiana Totmianina's trainer Oleg Vasilliev, they have confirmed that all the 2006 Olympic Champions Evgeni Plushenko and Tatiana Totmianina and Maxim Marinin are ready and are going to return to amateurs. And very likely to stay in it. The desire is there, and they are confident of doing so, everything is in complete order. And this is remarkable! `[I bet Pissiev hasn't stop dancing since he found out]. However, out leaders won't begin competitions early on the season with the Grand Prix series. Most likely their first appearance will be on the Russian Nationals in January 4-8th. in St. Petersburg, that it's a important event to pick the team for the European and World Championship [as if there is any doubt Plush will be picked considering they have just one spot!]. Though Alexei Nikolaevich Mishin has said: If everything goes according to plan and everything is ok, Plushenko could compete at the fifth GP stage, Cup of Russia that takes place in Moscow in November 22-25nd. We, as host, have the right to place him in that event among the three Russian skaters».

There you go! And also, and this of course comes from the Russian forum. Plushenko said in the press conference of his "Ice Stradivari tour" in Dmitrov where they have a show today that he is coming back to amateur and he will start trainings once again in Spain this August.


The Olympic champion of Turin figure skater Evgeni Plushenko who has decided, after a one year break, to return to amateur sports, has said that he will present his new programs in autumn to the spectators.

- My first start in the season will be the fifth stage of the Grand prix "Cup of Russia" - 24-years old Evgeni shares the plans. – the competition will take place in Moscow in the end of November. I hope, my programs will like both spectators and judges who, certainly, will judge me with all strictness.

- In August I'll begin preparation for the season, - the figure skater has continued - I will fulfil difficult elements; and I will seriously engaged in choreography.

The champion first training will be in the Spanish city of Jaca.

Alexei Mishin: With Zhenia we already have concrete ideas about the music, choreographies and footwork.

«Today Evgeni for the first time has allowed official documents acknowledging his intention to continue competing in amateur figure skating, - Alexei Mishin has said – According to our arrangements, plans and ideas, he will for sure act on two competitions, a stages of the Cup of Russia (which, we haven't decided yet) and a ISU Grand prix «Cup of Russia» on November, 22-25nd in Moscow. And anything further as for competive future will depend, first of all, on his physical condition. Certainly, we think about the other three official competitions, Russian Nationals, Europeans and Worlds. However, it is necessary to understand, that our aim is not just the next season, but further ahead. Where else, you guess».

Alexei Mishin has also informed, that the work about Evgeni Plushenko's new programs has already begun. «With Zhenia we already have concrete ideas about music, choreographies and footwork. Edvin Marton is doing the music, but there are several versions. We are thinking about who is capable to help us from the choreographers. But, of course, I won't say any details, nor names, presences or passwords. Besides Evgeni Plushenko will start serious training for the season in August 6th, in the training camp in Jaca, Spain» Alexei Mishin has told.


April - News
Thanks to the Russian forum for the link.

April 19th.


Evgeni Plushenko talks about the most popular tv show "Stars on Ice" and "Lord of the Mountain" while his tour "Gold Ice Stradivari" performs across the entire country.

The details about his personal life and political career have become a hot theme for the press. Scandalous histories one after another: his problem with the Moscow GAI officers, arguments with Ilia Averbukh, then judicial lawsuits with his ex-friends figure skaters… in general, it is time to talk about it.

- So did Ilia call you to the ring or not?
- No one has called. Channel 1 has started the project "boxing with the stars". They proposed the duel Plushenko-Averbukh. I immediately said: “Glad to!". I even rang my friend Valuev [you remember the pictures with him, and Marton?] and asked him to train me. He agreed at first but at that moment he was preparing abroad to defend his world title. He did advise me a good trainer. But my "rival" had problems with the time. I have not refused about it [I wished he would] and I've proposed to transfer the duel to any other convenient period.

- The "Gold Ice Stradivari" that have as its main stars you and Edvin Marton, has it been sucessful?
- After touring across 20 cities of Russia and the Baltic area, we decided to take a three-week pause. We'll rest and then we will continue. We have a dynamic show, where not just figure skaters perform like Irina Slutskaya, Victor Petrenko, Naomi Lang/Peter Tchernechev. There is live music, acrobatis, jugglers, humor on ice and there are classical, serious numbers. It's an internacional team: Canadians, Frenchmen, Americans, Russians. I'm getting in shape. I'm healed from my injury, prepared two new numbers, I will try to make quadruple jumps. On the whole, everything is good, there are no problems, we'll keep going.

- No problems?! It started along with Olympic champions Totmianina and Marinin. And suddenly your friends threw you away and they left to the "Stars on Ice" tour.
- Maybe to someone it was necessary the scandal between the two tours, if Ilia says that I stole that idea. But to whom or what I stole? I don't understand! Channel 1 invited Averbukh as trainer and producer od the show "Stars on Ice". I'll tell you a secret. "Stars on Ice" tour is not Ilia's show, it's the one from Channel 1. His show is "Ice symphony".

- Why did Totmianina and Marinin left?
- Apparently, there was a little more money. And the guys decided that they could tear the contract with us. So what can we do? We have to make a lawsuit.

- But you seriously suffered due them leaving!
- Not at all.

- Then why the legal action?
- Because the contract was done by our company. If everyone that signs contract with us, then suddenly leaves saying "Oh well that was nice, see you!". To what this would lead? Thank God that we really didn't suffer. We have an strong tour, but that does not justify this act.

- And in personal reason, do you think of this as treachery?
- It is possible to call it like that. The fact that we know each other for 15 years, should have mean more. They signed a contract, so do it! However, the contract with them was signed for the entire “Gold Ice Stradivari" and the tour hasn't ended yet.
[I do wonder if TT&MM have another problem now that they left COI for SOI tour]

- Did you travel by train?
- We travel on three especially equipped buses. Each of them has a bed, kitchen, television set. On the road, we have seen about everything. We've witnessed many emergencies. In Siberia we stopped in order to help a car that had fallen into a hole. It was impossible to take out the car but the lady that was driving it left with us in our bus, she was scared from the shock. We were nearly late for the show in the next city.
There are the sections, where you can't travel faster than 15km/hour. Recently we went in our car from Togliatti to Perm. Two well flattenned. It was 3PM and there was none around, no service and no hotels. We'd to spend the night in the car. Then, 30 Km before arricing to perm, we were stopped by the cops.
- Are you an inveterate motorist?
- I adore cars. I really like sports cars, extreme driving. Besides I also love weapons. I have a big collection of knifes, swords, foils, axes. At one time I was completely fascinated by them, just now it has calmed down. I have a collection of watches. There are times when I don't carry any watches. I don't wear jewelty though I do have it. Once I wished to learn to play the guitar, I found a teacher but only one lesson was enough for me to tell the maestro "Thanks, but this is not for me!"

- Do you go to the gym?
- I do physical activities so that's enough for me.

- Do you diet?
- No. I eat everything. The best meal is the one that is the freshest.

- While you were on tour, the world championship took place in Japan and for the first time in 40 years, Russia ended up wthout medal. Did you watch the performances of our team?
- Yes, I watched... Though I already knew that we were going to have a complete breakdown. Still, it was hard to see.

- For how long are we going to be in this "precipice?
- Eight to ten years. Best case, five.

- Russin won't win a world championship for five years?
- There would be Russian champions, but nothing else.

- What about that "Plushenko promised to come back to compete at the Olympics 2010!"
- I didn't said "I'm going to do it". I said "maybe". I haven't given the OK yet.

- But then you haven't said no?
- I haven't said no. I train, try not to lose shape. I skate in new boots, new skates, either for competitive season, or for continuing the tour.

- Why the indecision about Olympics?
- What indecision?! What I want is that my team receives a worthy salary. That my team: manager, doctors, choreographers, trainers on physical training would get not from my pocket, but from the budget of the RFSF. All my entire career I've made it out of my own pocket, from my fees. Let's change for once the situation. And if that is possible, then I for sure will come back.
- For the last six months, you've been the hero of the yellow press. We continually read headlines about your divorce, and lately it has been "Evgeni Plushenko: I'm getting married!". How can you be married if you are still not divorced?!
- I'm getting a divorce, I'm not getting married!

- So clear the situation!
- Now that all passions have lie down, I can tell: same old story. Unfortunately, it's over. It started too quickly and just the same it has ended. But there is my son, and he is my the most important and the biggest achievement of my life. When I go to St. Petersburg, before anything I run to Egor. When he grows up, I will take him around with me on vacations and competitions. I will make him skate.

- Now that your marriage is over, is reasonable to ask: what kind of girl does the single Zhenia Plushenko likes?
- I'm part of that type of men that wants as his beloved, something similar to our mothers. I haven't met someone like that yet. But now I know that she has to be above everything, my friend. Which is hard because of my character. I'm complex, demanding, even rigid. I am able to love and respect, I am able to listen to the other person. But just when I can feel that the woman wants and it's capable to understand me. - How do you react about rumors about you in the press?
- Mostly I laugh. For example, I laughed, when I found out that my girlfriend was Katia Gordeeva. On top of that they even printed a photograph! But she is the wife of Ilia Kulik. On the caption of that picture it was written for some reason Oley. Then they write that the administration of Petersburg gave me eight apartments, and that I have ten summer residences. That kind of news annoys people. I have enough enemies! I have an excessive amount of them. However, I have an enormous number of fans, people, which that love for my creativity, appreciate me as a person. Now, my first goal is not to be judged by the yellow press, but with my tour, to make figure skating popilar. But I must warn you, my team won't leave the offenders, liars and enemies at rest!

- When you hosted "Stars on Ice" Oleg Yankovsky joked that "Plushenko is so organic in this role, that makes Galkin Malakhov afraid of competition!"
- I never aspired to be neither the showman, nor sex-symbol. Which will I turned out to be, life will tell. I have television offers. They call me to do films, offer me interesting roles, but I don't have time for it. To combine everything is too difficult. When I hosted "Stars on Ice", I had to manage to do that and fly to Japan, South Korea, went in tour across Russia. I've soon understood, that my health would be damaged with that schedule.

This is from a ceremony called "Fashion TV People Awards" where Evgeni won "Fashion and sports" award.
He did a little interview

One of the outstanding figures of the evening became Evegni Plushenko who received the prize in the nomination “Fashion and sport” and he flirted with different girls:

- I am not married. So I can.

- Zhenia, does it flatters you that you won over Ilia Averbukh and Tatiana Navka in this category?
- I don't think Averbukh as a strong athlete. Of course, he won the World Championships, that is good but besides that, he hasn't won anything else. As for Navka, I do count her as an strong athelte, and I think it was necessary to examine with her pair Kostomarov. The other nominee, Egor Titov. A worthy rival and an outstanding fellow.

- Say, what do you wear?
- My costumes from performances are sew by well-known italian designer. But in life, I wear what I feel convenient.

- How does a woman has to look to draw your attention?
- I like women themselves.

- Is your marriage completly over?
- Yes, I'm divroced now. I've been getting divorced for a long time and right now I'm divorced.

- Do you already know who will your next companiion in life?
- My companion if life? I'm working on it...

(First part is translated in the Tour section because it's about that)

- Zhenia, did you watch Worlds?
- Of course, I was cheering for our guys. But, unfortunately, we were overtaken with failure... Our figure skating is now a precipice. I completely agree with the minister of sports Vyacheslav Fetisovym who recently has raised the problem of our association to all our experts - figure skaters, trainers. How is it right when our Russian trainers lead to victory to foreign figure skaters? It is necessary to talk to all of them, make them come back.

- And do you think of coming back? Recently Alexei Mishin has declared, that in August you start trainings.
- He has hurried a little bit. I have said, that I have taken a time-out. But to me nobody has come with offers to come back. From the Federation of figure skating nobody has called, none has approached me. I do not exclude coming back. I want, that my team: trainer, manager, doctors, earned a right salary. So that it does not have to come out from my own pocket, but from the federation. All my sports careers, I have gave away money from my own pocket and I don't want to do it anymore. .

- Evgenie, your name have became the most popular in the press. Are you concerned by it?
- To me they write all those falses articles. Of course that it's bad, because it makes people not to have the best opinion about me. Recently they have written, that I have eight apartments in Petersburg and ten country houses. Madness. They write that I have problems with Mishin. There nothing remotely close to that. Now Alexei Nikolaevich is in Moscow because of our common cause.

- Does it mean that the rumors about your marriage are too incorrect?
- What marriage?! I'm getting divorced and I don't plan to get marry yet.

ETA: I just corrected the last sentence
From the Russian forum
While it is actually about his ice tour, this is the press conference where he talks about his future.

(just the part he talks about coming back, this is dated March 29th by the way)

... In his plans Evgeni is cautious: «I won't talk about coming back to competition - the champion categorically declares - now I'm working on ice, working on the quadruples. I'm learning new difficult elements for myself instead of for the next Olympics. Life will tell if I come back or not. If I decide to compete at the Olympics, it will be necessary to work twice as hard». Journalists were interested, if it will be possible for Plushenko to combine his participations on tours with his work as deputy of Legislative Assembly of St.-Petersburg.

Evgeni has answered: «That's why I'm not sure if I'm going to come back to competition. While right now there aren't any problems, there could be in the future and then it would be necessary to choose».

The new judging system (COP) is probably another reason for the uncertainty of Plushenko to coming back to competitions. «I don't agree with these innovations, - the champion has said - speaks. – for example, there are some skaters that comes out and clearly masters all the triple jumps we all did in the mid-90s. And then if a figure skater in a competitions falls in a quadruple jump, he does not receive any bonus for it. I don't like easy victories. I think that it's necessary to try out difficult elements, even if that means to risk it».


Thanks again to the Russian forum for the upcoming information


The Olympic champion deliberates, whether to come back to competition. He said it on Monday, April 2nd, at the press conference of his ice show that will take place on April 6th. About coming back to amateur sport and compete for the Russian team, he has not ye made his final decision.

"I haven't yet given the OK, and I haven't either refused coming back to amateur sports. I want that my coach, my doctor, all my team to earn a salary for my competitions" the Olympic Champion has declared to the journalists.

According to E.Plushenko, there will be from Russia in the future world champions, but within the next 5-10 years we don't need to wait for big successes of Russia on the world scene.

«My injury is healed, I fell wonderfull. I will try to do quadruple jumps at the Ice Palace" the Olympic champion on figure skating has told to journalists.


March - News
Thanks to the Russian forum
Papa Mishin and Plush

http://www.rian.ru/sport/figure_skating/20070326/62641105.html March 26th, 2007

Alexei Mishin, trainer of the Olympic champion of figure skating Evgeni Plushenko has informed that his pupil who missed this season, will start trainings in autumn.

"Evgeni is seriously disposed to continue his amateur career. We'll start trainings in autumn after summer vacations, it wil be very difficult for him to come back. As the Olympic Champion Maria Kiselyova said 'to go through all this again is a feat'".

24-year old Plushenko has compete in two Olympics. In Salk Lake City he won the silver medal, losing to his compatriot Alexei Yagudin. In Turin, four years later, his superiority over his rivals was unconditional.

Evgeni Plushenko:
- I will soon approach new responsibilities. I will concentrate all my efforts on three basic issues: sport, youth and tourism.

- Will you retire from figure skating?
- I'm young and I'm confident I'll be able to manage with everything.


Famous figure skater will very soon start working on a memoirs book.

- I am, of course, a very young person but I believe that there is a lot to tell about me. I will really hope that based on my personal experience, I will show all the begginers athletes, what's the big price you have to pay to achieve big results.

Besides the sports side of the book, there will be also the true story about Plushenko's personal life, which he added has not always gone smoothly.

- I've finally understood what it's worth living for, and that is my son. I am very proud that I have a child, he is the biggest achievement of my life!


This as well as the previous interview is thanks to the Russian forum.

Evgeni Plushenko who has arrived on Wednesday to Murmansk with his show "The Gold ice of the Stradivarus", has confirmed at the press conference that he wants to come back to amateur figure skating.

"I cannot give you something concrete, I can't say: yes, it's accurate, that I will come back. But I want to. I want to try my strenght in amateur sports" have said Plushenko.

The figure skater has noticed, that this will be difficult since he has missed a season "To return, it would be very difficult. If I make it, it will be a serious thing since it will be necessary to start all over again and, ten times more" has noted Plushenko.

He has emphasized, that in case he returns to amateur sport, he will fight for first palace "Of course it's necessary to come back and to be not just on the top 10, but to fight only for the first place" the sportsman has noticed.

"Second place, is a loss for me. I have got used to be the leader and have got used to protect our country with just the first place" emphasized the titled figure skater, who he has gold from the 2006 Olympics and three World Championships.



Olympic champion of Torino, multiple World and European champion Evgeni Plushenko intended to end amateur career. He successfully made a debut on television, he has his own tour whose show will arrive on March 8th to Moscow. And now, nevertheless Eugene returns to the sport.

- Zhenia, don't you fear to "burn down" your show on March 8th? On that holyday, most people are used to spend it not in an arena, but on the house, in the table with cake and champagne.
- No, I'm not scared. We already made a show in New Year's Eve, on December 31st, And the arena was full.

– Is this show different to the one you presented last year?
– Of course. First of all, singer Dima Bilan will be part of it. We met with Bilan in Milan, we got to talk in the hotel all night long about that it would be good to do somethine new and unexpected. And this is the resul. In the first half of the show, my old friend, Hungarian violinist and composer Edvin Marton will perfom, and in the second Bilan will.
In general, it will be a mad show with live music, light effects, pyrotechnics and even extreme elements. I have a wide experience in this kind of shows. I have performed one program with Chris de Burgh, Gloria Gayner, "Bee Gees", these vocal starts do not avoid ice shows.

- Which athletes are you going to invite for this show?
- There will be Ira Slutskaya, Yulya Obertas and Sergei Slavnow. Tatiana Totmianina and Maxim Marinin were to come out but at the last moment, they left with Ilia Aberbukh.
This is, of course, an umpleasant situation. There is a signed contract that said that they will be in our show. And I don't exclude going to court on this issue.
There is also the thing about certain human relations, but the ruble proved to be more important for someone.

- Along with Irina Slutskaya you hosted the show "Stars on Ice" now she is in your tour. Is there a joint number that you might be preparing?
- Well, if the fans ask, we then shall think of something.

- Your trainer Alexei Mishin recently said that you are coming back to the sport..
- Yes. Everything is true. After Moscow we leave for a month on tour across 35 cities in Russia. But, I don't intend to stay in show business. I want to return to amateur sport, go to Olympics 2010 in Vancouver and win there.

- The terms of your return have been determined?
- Much depends on my health status. Thus far everything is fine. So probably it will be in August 2007. But there are others components.

- What do you mean?
- Sponsors are necessary. I've skated for 20 years and all that time I have paid myself for costume, coach, choreograph, travel. The only things they gave me for free was the skates and the ice. Still it would be good to have medical care, a normal nourishment. And I'm not speaking just about myself but for other athletes as well.
Everywhere is accepted to assist the athletes who obtain big wins for the country. In amateur sport, you can't work just for a "thanks" in return. There should be help from the federations, the administration. Including the financial part.
Yes, I have personal sponsors, but to load everything on them it is usuless. And I don't require crazy conditions. The main thing would be that they pay the work of my coach, choregrapher, travels and medical care.

– The sucess in your shows have not beaten off the desire to train through sweat and a pain?
– Not at all! To prepare for ice shows without training it's impossible. I recently made quadruple salchow. I can make combination jumps in a regular basis, three tiples jumps or one quad with a triple. Recently in Sochi we performed in front of the Olympic commission. There I performed my short program where I did a triple axel.

- What are the chances of Sochi winning the Olympic race?
- If I was a memeber of the Olympic commission, then I would vote for Sochi unambiguously [well, shocking! ]. I do not doubt that we can conduct the games at a highest level. Moreover Olympics are necessary for our economy. Thus far to rest in Sochi is not too comfortable, but if new roads are build, they will renew the infrastructure, then the health resort will be of World level.

- Will you be ready to stay in the sport until 2014, if Sochi gets to conduct the Olympics? [Let him make it to 2010 and then ask him!]
- Now about this it is difficult to talk. By then I will be 31 years old. I don't even remember is someone of that age have competed. But I won't say "no" either. Time will tell.

Famous figure skaters talks for the first time about the true reasons of the divorce.


The romantic history of love and fast marriage of one of the most titled sportsmen of Russia with the young and beautiful Maria Ermak were soon transformed into a narration that had as base elements the words "money", "scandal" and "divorce". And the last isn't used just in the legal sense. [no idea what this means]

For two years and half of their life together, Evgeni left his wife four times. And four times he came back. Each time Plushenko hoped that things will change and their live will get fixed. Moreover, Masha was already pregnant, and the idea on the birth of the child pushed him a little more towards reconciliation. But the relationship did not stay together after Egor's birth. Besides the scandals at home, there were added the one in business: in the hotel business along with his father in lawa, Evgeni has said that he can't find the papers that confirmed his monetary contribution.

"I didn't marry for fighting and scandals"

- Certainly, I would not like to talk about my private life... But for «KP» I will give an interview, - the glorified sportsman has told to our correspondent.

- I loved her... - with undisguised bitterness in a voice Evgeni remembers Masha Ermak.

- What you have to understand is that I didn't marry in order to fight and argue! I, like any other man, wanted to go to my dear house where I my beloved will be waiting for me, and I could rest next to her. But Masha proved not be like that. I can say that my wife killed all my feelings for her.

- Evgeni, when did you realize this?
- In two months. I actually don't live with Masha for a long time. It only looked like we were fine and together. I very much love my son I'm ready for him for everything. All was done only in his name, now my lawyers are working about the documents about the divorce. But I'm not going to take awayy my son from his mother at all. I just want that me and my parents can see him, as much as necessary.

«My part of the business will go to my son»

- Evgeni, tell us what's the history about the money and the business?
- The hotel business really exists. Yes, I gave money to Gergiy Ermak (Maria's father). It was a decent sum, but now it has happened that I don't have any document confirming that I gave this money. I don't want it back. What I want is that half of the business will be given to my son.

- You have to understand that I loved Masha, I trusted in her completely. For that moment, she was for me my most favorite and most beloved woman in my life, and everything that has happened between us it's her fault [well... ]. Why to stir up the past. Now I have in my life another love.

- Zhenia tell us about your new love.
- We got acquainted in Switzerland. She lives in Russia. Just my close friends know about her. We meet very frequently. I don't want to say more, in due course you'll see. I can only say that I'm happy with her!

In the meantime we tried to talk with Maria Ermak and to aske her some questions about the joint business with Plushenko.
- My father is a great person, he couldn't have done that. He was never engaged in the hotel business, I'm a nursing mother and I don't want to talk with you about my personal life. What the Plushenko family says, it does not bothers me, let it be ont their conscience.

Plushenko's wife hide his son from him


Exclusive interview with the Olympic champion about the last events in his life

Plushenko have recently many troubles upon him. First, the scandal about the resale of his new show, then the divorce, his foot injury. And now a new misfortune, his closest friends and partners Olympic champions Totmianina and Marinin before the beginning of the Plushenko tour, they have moved to his competitor Ilia Averbukh to "Ice Symphony".

We met Zhenia in the Figure Skating Academy. Here took place the last rehearsal of his tour «The Gold violin of Stradivari». Totmianina and Marinin were not among the stars.

About the divorce, Zhenia absolutely does not want to talk about it. It causes him almost physical pain.

- Yes, I'm getting divorced, there's nothing to hide anymore - he sighs - but what do I make of this, I can't explain.

- Do you see your son Egor?
- No, I have a problem with that. Masha has changed the number of her cellphone and I don't know it. And I don't want to go to her parents' house. But I will Egor nonetheless, I will reaise him. I have that right, and I hope that soon again I will taki him in my arms.

- Why have Totmianina and Marinin left your tour? Did they sign a contract with your tour?
- They left probably because Averbukh offered them more money. In my opinion, they have not thought about the consequences of breaking a contract at all...

- Will you take legal action against them?
- Time will tell.

- But Tanya and Max are not just your partners in tour, but also your friends...
- Now our friendship has ended.

- Were you really upset when you found out that Tanya and Maxim left your tour?
- I'm calmed. They're not irrepleceable.

The comments of Totmianina and Marinin.
- We received the invitation of the two companies- Tatiana Totmianina has explained. - Frist we planned to perform with Zhenia, but a lot of ambiguities has soon came up. They did not informed us in due time about the program of the tour, the places, the amount of performances. The Tour did not received the official approval of the Russian Figure Skating Federation. Therefore we decided to take advantage Ilia's invitation with whom we already had a successful operational experience in the teleproject. We don't think these two shows are competitors.

- Probably, it would be possible to meet and discuss this situation instead of making a "leakage of information" into the media, - Maxim Marinin has told - This is not a civilized way to solve a problem and more likely a doubtful method of bad PR managers.

Plushenko will return his last name to his son

The Olympic champion is going to defend his rights to his through court. The known figure skater is indignant by that his ex wife Maria Ermak has secretely given their son Egor her last name. [Egor is registered as Egor Ermak and not Egor Plushenko].

Evgenie has aknowledge to "Your DAY", that he will do everything to give back to his boy the last name Plushenko.

Let's remember, that the athlete is now divorcing his wife. Before making the final decision to leave his family and break off his marriage, Zhenia tried several times to fix his relationship with Masha in order to stay together for the sake of their son. However, the wife of the figure skater did everything in order to, on the contrary, to destroy them. As Zhenia has told us, Masha usually acted in a way that caused him pain. And the last drop for the figure skater was that she, without letting him known, has given Egor her last name.

The son

– I found out late about this - says Plushenko - When I asked Masha why she did this, she has simply answered: "He is my son, why would he carry your last name? Anyhow you don't live with us". When she did this, I left my family because to live in the conditions that were going on in our place, was impossible. But that does not mean that I don't love my son and that I don't want to bring him up. On the contrary, I'm going to fight for my rights on Egor. If it's necessary, I'm ready to resolve this in court. Masha has fraudalently written down the last name Ermal, because I, obviously, did not give any consent about about that on Egor's birth certificate. And the law says that this can only be made by the authorization of the father. Therefore I'm confident that I can change it.

Plushenko says that he tries to not interfere with the divorce case, he relies all that in his lawyers to whom he undividedly trusts.

– Everything is happening on its time - the figure skater continues. – I can honestly say, that now I'm more calmed down and that I, intentionally, do not interfere in this. First, I trust in the team that represents my interests. And secondly, I don't want to talk with Masha so I don't get irritated and and don't get disturbed. I'm just waiting, I'm not hurrying. But I already consider Masha my ex-wife eventhough we still aren't officially divorced.


I just want to say thanks to Petra Eubel for borrowing of all this material! King On Ice

Evgeni is crowned king of the ice;
Olympic gold completes set of medals

The Olympic gold medal and everything that went into winning it felt so good to Evgeni Plushenko that he wants to do it again.

That leaves the rest of the world's top figure skaters in big trouble. The gap between the Russian star and the other medalists is as wide as the distance between Turin and Vancouver, where the 2010 Winter Games will take place.

"I think about the next Olympics now," he said after extending the Russia/Soviet men's figure skating gold medal streak to five games. "I am only 23, and in four years I will be only 27. It's a good age for a skater.

"I love skating, I love winning, it's my life."

Life has been very good for the three-time world champion. So good that he didn't need one of those take-your-breath-away performances to add gold to the silver medal he won four years ago.

Plushenko beat world champion Stephane Lambiel, by an unfathomable 27.12 points. Jeff Buttle won the bronze.

None of them approached Plushenko's level. They now have four years to get there.

They might need every minute of it.

"There are years between Plushenko and everybody else," said Weir, who will stick around to chase the Russian. "If you look at the top six after the short program, we've all come about after Plushenko. ... Plushenko has been competing in Grand Prix events since I started skating."

Plushenko has been a force in figure skating for eight years and had a sometimes-bitter rivalry with former training partner Alexei Yagudin, the 2002 Olympic winner. When Yagudin left the sport, Plushenko grabbed nearly every championship available.

But it was all in pursuit of this championship.

"It was my dream when I was 4," he said. "I saw a competition and said to my mum, `I have to be there.' I said that I wanted to be an Olympic champion. Now I have all the titles and I am really very happy."

The first competitor in the final group, Plushenko skated cautiously. At times, he was so slow he looked as if he needed a push to get across the ice, and he lacked his usual flair. So what.


He's both a blond bimbo and brutal like a Bolshevik on the ice.
And at the same time fragile like Bambi.

There is really only one real star among the thermo pants in the olympic sleet.
When the Russian figure skater Evgeni Plushenko managed the final pirouette in the European Championships a few weeks ago he already knew he had won. He fell down flat the same moment, lying on the ice in his black tights with his eyes closed, while the cuddly toys rained over him.

To many the olympics may be about mogul, ski boots and jock straps. To me there's only Evgeni.
"I have a heart beating inside my body, not an engine. I have blood in my veins, not oil. I know what pain and exhaustion mean" he said after winning his fifth European gold.
He is the only beauty in the winter sport, he has the sharpest skates in the world and did a perfect tripple-axle in the hockey rink already before he got hair on his chest.
This is the man who is famous for the number where he strips down all of his masculinity to Tom Jones' hit "Sex Bomb," dressed in a skin colored body with blown up fake muscles and a minimal thong.
This is the man who, according to the myth, was born in poverty on the tundra close to the Transsiberian Railway's end station at the far end of the Soviet Union, strapped on his first pair of skates when he was a baby and moved 1,000 km from home to a tiny room on Kamennoostrovski Prospect in St. Petersburg at age 11, to train with Russia's best figure skating coach.
First and foremost, he's the only male figure skater who can pull the feared Biellman spiral off, much thanks to his mother pushing him to stretch in the ktichen four hours a day back home in the kitchen. When Evgeni won his first contest in 1997 he bought a new TV for his mom for the prize money.
Now he isn't just the most popular athlete in Torino with tens of thousands infatuated fans, who mails
household remedies when he gets colds and counts the silver sequins on his spectacular suits. Now he's so big that Plushenko's only rival in the competition for his life's first olympic gold is quite simply Plushenko. Already when he won the World Championships six years ago with a passionate quadrupel-tripple-double-toeloop combination he was described as invincible.
But figure skating isn't only about winners and losers. I really can't figure out any other sport that so clearly touches the basic living conditions.
Because it's said that the hardest thing about figure skating is to learn how to fall. To be able to look like a happy newly-hatched butterfly in a tinsel top and at the same time know that you can crush your skull anytime against the slippery ice.
Some still think that this is a sissy sport, a kitchy circus who gives one "vomit reflexes" like a journalist in DN wrote the other day.
That what you say only if you don't know what heart and pain is. You only say that of you haven't seen Evgeni.
.Plushenko pulls out of skating Championships.

Thursday, March 17, 2005 Updated at 7:41 AM EST
Globe and Mail Update
 MOSCOW — Feeling dispirited and disappointed, three-time world champion Evgeny Plushenko officially withdrew from the world figure skating championships in his own country Thursday morning.
According to a medical bulletin, Plushenko is suffering from an adductor muscle inflammation syndrome. In other words, he has a groin injury to the left side of his lower abdomen.
According to agent Ari Zakarian, Plushenko went to the men's practice Thursday morning, but after a consultation with coach Alexei Mishin, he decided to withdraw.
Plushenko won his qualifying round earlier in the week, and attempted no quads. But although Mishin didn't push it, Plushenko decided to try a quad in the short program.
The result was shocking and his worst effort in many years. The 23-year-old skater from St. Petersburg fell hard and dropped to fifth place in the short program and third overall.
Although Plushenko has suffered from back and knee problems in the past, his groin injury developed during the European championships in Turin, an event that he won.
However, he took 2 ½ weeks off afterward, gained four or five kilos, and had been training for only about a week leading up to this week's competition in Moscow. Short of breath when he finished his long program in the qualifying rounds, Plushenko admitted that he decided to compete only because the event is at home in Russia.
“I try to do the impossible,” he said. “Last week in St. Petersburg, I couldn't even do the triple Axel and fell on the triple Lutz. I don't want to defend myself. I skated badly.” At home in St. Petersburg, he said he got an injection in the groin and it helped him train. But five days before the world championship, the groin started to hurt again. He took painkiller pills before the practices and qualifying.
Before the short program practice this week, he took two pills, because one wasn't enough. He had a painkiller injection before the short program and it helped. But he fell on the quad.
After some thought yesterday, Mishin and Plushenko decided to stop the madness and consider his health with less than a year to go before the Olympics.
“He's the kind of guy who can push himself through the pain,” Zakarian said. “But the groin can take you out for the whole entire season. That's what did it for Elvis (Stojko). Elvis could never come back the way he was before (a groin injury). Same with (Alexei Urmanov, the 1994 Olympic champion). That's why we are very careful right now.” Plushenko left early Thursday to head back to St. Petersburg to attend a new athlete rehabilitation centre – open only this year.
Still, he has obligations that he will have to consider. He was to perform in an ice show in St. Petersburg on Monday. “The whole city is going to come and see him,” Zakarian said. “We don't want to him to be disappointed that he will not be able to perform or they (not to see) him perform as well.
“For him right now, he could skate, but we just worry about if he does the hard elements,” Zakarian said. Because he did the quad in the short program, Zakarian said he worsened his groin condition. If he had done a triple Axel combination instead, he may have been able to handle it, he said.
Zakarian said the Plushenko camp is also concerned about his commitment to start the extensive Champion on Ice tour that begins March 26 in the United States. Tours such as Champions on Ice provide skaters with much-needed finances to continue training.
“He's really down and he's not really happy right now,” Zakaraian said.
The men's title will be decided Thursday night in the long program.

Another article about Evgeni's wedding... (Source: King On Ice)

(Article comes from: www.nevasport.ru)

June 23, 2005:Last Saturday the famous skater from St. Petersburg Evgeni Plushenko said goodbye to his bachelor life. The ceremonial registration of Evgeni's marriage was held at the palace of marriage. The bride, Maria Ermak is a student at the state university.

You can't find happiness in money!

The black limousine "Lincoln" stopped 20 metres from the palace of marriage, and the couple entered the palace, which suddenly was surrounded by the security. The security kept apart the paparazzi from the guests.

The governor of St. Petersburg, Valentina Matvienko especially came to congratulate the couple. An interesting detail - when the newlyweds come out from the palace, the guests often throw some rice and pennies at them, by so doing they wish the couple to be rich and successful. Now when Zhenya and Maria, as husband and wife, came out and sat in the limousine, nobody threw rice or pennies at them. Naturally, because the newlyweds are already rich and succesful, and they know that money isn't everything," you can't find happiness in money".

Evgeni's mom is pleased with her daughter-in-law.

Evgeni Plushenko has said numerous times that in St. Petersburg there's not much good weather. On that happy day for Evgeni the weather was wonderful. The wedding's planners even suggested to the guests to walk from the palace of marriage to the hotel "Astoria", where the celebrations would be held. All the guests were glad to walk in Petersburg on a sunny day. The newlyweds visited the Vasilyevski island and the Summer garden.

Evgeni's mom, Tatyana Vasilyevna, at the presence of everyone pronounced:

-I absolutely rely on Masha. She and Zhenya have great holidays together and rest, which is so important for my son now.

The groom's best man was the acrobat Alexei Polishuk. Besides him Evgeni had invited his closest friends to his wedding - the olympic

Champion Viktor Petrenko with wife, Roman Kostomarov, the georgian skater Vachtang Murvanidze, the hockey player Alexander Yudin. To the wedding came also Zhenya's two friends from Volgograd. And of course Plushenko's coach Alexei Mishin.

Now Plushenko won't be distracted by girls.

- I think that after the wedding Evgeni would be more confident both in life and on ice, said Aleksey Nikolaevich, -Now he won't be distracted by girls and relationships. It is a common knowledge that Evgeni is religous and his wife is his fate.

To the question how the marriage would affect the famous skater's career, the coach answered:

- I hope that Masha would be my assistant on the coaching of Evgeni. And I can give a great example - Yuriy Ovchinnik's wife. She has helped me many times with the tough coaching decisions. It happens that only the wife can positively affect the sportsman in difficult situations.

In the restaurant at the "Astoria" hotel there were tables for 160 people. During the wedding it was very cosy and familylike. Among the guests there were lots of kids. Igor Kornelyuk entertained the guests with all his songs. And in the evening everyone looked the fireworks from the windows of the hotel.

Translated by Tati

There's two of Plushenko now. (Source: King On Ice)

June 20, 2005:On Saturday June 18, the most eligible russian bachelor Evgeni Plushenko was married to 20-year-old Maria Ermak in the most luxurious place to get married in St. Petersburg. There was a lot of security around the place in case there were alot of fans who might interrupt the ceremony. But there were none, mainly because the time and the place of the wedding was kept out from the public.

14.20 the limousine arrived. Plushenko, in an elegant dark-brown suit in stripes, with a white tie and without any hurry came out of the car. Maria as expected looked beautiful in a white wedding dress and with roses in hands.

Plushenko's chosen bride became the 20-year-old student of sociology faculty of St. Petersburg university, 3-rd year. Plushenko and Maria met almost a year ago on the road. One day, when Plushenko drove in a "Mazzerati" in St. Petersburg he saw a pretty dark-haired girl in an open cabriolet. Not thinking for long he drove after her. He drove to her, met her and he won her. They say that at first Maria didn't recognise Evgeni as the olympis champion. That Evgeni was a champion Maria was told from her friends.

Evgeni was seen a lot waiting for Maria after classes at the university. Maria's classmates say that she didn't brag about dating the famous skater. Last few months they were living together. Two months ago Evgeni popped the question and asked Maria to marry him.

We asked Tatyana Vasilyevna, Evgeni's mother, how does she feel.

-Oh, I'm worried, as any mother would be, says she.

-Did Evgeni ask for your advise before the proposal to Maria?

-Of course.I asked him "maybe it's better to wait?"- but he had already made the decision. Then I met Maria and loved her.When I realised what kind of a person she is, I gave my blessing to my son.

-Tatyana Vasilyevna, isn't it hard for you to give your son to another woman?

-Masha is a nice girl. She deserves to be his wife. I gave Zhenya to trustful hands.

-What did you say to your son this morning?

-I wished him love, happiness, patience.

During the ceremony Zhenya was always with Maria, he didn't let her go for a minute. Everyone was waiting with inpatience Evgeni's coach- Alexei Mishin, who arrived with a gorgeous bunch of flowers.

We asked Mishin:

- What did you say when Evgeni told you that he was going to be married?

-I told: " Congratulations, dear friend! The wish to marry isn't a mosquito's bite. It's an important step.

-Is Evgeni's marriage going to affect his career?

-I think not.

Among the guests were Roman Kostomarov, Viktor Petrenko, Alexander Abt,the hockey player Alexander Yudin. From USA came to congratulate Evgeni his agent Ari Zakaryan and the producer of the show "Champions on Ice" Mike Collins.

Everyone was very serious during the ceremony. Maria took her husband's last name. And Evgeni received a certificate from St. Petersburg with the words "Petersburg loves you and is proud of you!"

There were so many flowers that they had to put them aside on a table, and the leaving they forgot all about it.

- What about the flowers? Take the flowers, said one of the employees.

After the ceremony the guests went driving in Petersburg, and later in the evening they would go to the hotel "Astoria" to celebrate the wedding. The place was arranged for 200 people.

"MK"( the newspaper) also congratulates Evgeni Plushenko and his young wife.

Originally from www.mk.ru

PLUSHENKO has started to train... (Source: King On Ice)

May 17, 2005: Evgeni's coach Alexei Mishin has stated in an interview for Russian newspaper "Sport Express" that Evgeni will marry his girlfriend Maria on June 18, who he has been together since last summer. Since his girlfriend isn't in the spotlight of the media, it is not much known about her. Also not many pictures exist of Maria.

Three times World Champion Evgeni Plushenko who had an operation last month in Germany because of his groin injury, started to train in St.Petersburg.

- Mishin says: We are grateful to everyone who worries about us and supports us and we do hope that you will understand us correctly.

About changes in skater’s private life the coach answered: “It is truth. Plushenko is getting married on June, 18”.

Here is another article with another picture of Evgeni and Maria. http://www.kp.ru/daily/23511/39928/

In another interview with Mishin he says that in the near future we'll be choreographing programs for the Olympics. Zhenya will skate on June 2 and 3 in a gala show in St.Petersburg - program they call "recovery", then he'll go to Japan to skate in local shows. Then he'll go on holidays. Serious work will start in July, and in august they go by tradition to Spain. And about Zhenyas wedding he says: - All I can say is that marriages are arranged in heaven. Ask the fiance and the fiancee for details.


Sov. Sport April 6, 2005

Three times World Champion Evgeni Plushenko was operated in Munich – in Dr Ulrica Mushavec’s clinic. According to doctors’ prognosis Plushenko may come on ice in 2-3 weeks time and after that forget about his health problems.

May we point out here that during recent Worlds in Moscow Plushenko has withdrawn before the free skate due to the excruciating pain in the groin.

On the next day after withdrawal Evgeni and his coach Mishin had a consultation in Moscow Central Traumatological Institute and the diagnosis was “ miscro rupture of the ligament of the rear thigh surface in the groin area” which was the reason of the terrible pain.

Backstage of the Worlds were started rumours that if Plushenko will have an operation he will not recover before Olys in Turin.

In order to check the diagnosis of Moscow Institute Mishin and Plushenko consulted M. Grishin , the doctor of StPet football team “Zenith” ( such injuries often happen to football players).

“Zenith” doctor suspected that such pain may be caused by the widening of the “groin rings” – muscles in the groin area. Small hernias were formed on them, causing pain. To check the diagnosis once more doctor Grishin advised Plushenko to go to Munich to Dr Mushavec’s clinic.

In Germany Grishin’s diagnosis was fully proved after which Plushenko had two operations.

According to German doctors, in 2-3 weeks Plushenko may come on ice and in a month forget about the injury. Such optimistic prognosis in based on that this particular clinic is famous for its quick recoveries after operations on groin rings.

Evgenis letter to all his fans and news. (Source: King On Ice)

After the end of world figure skating championship 2005 Evgeni Plushenko addressed through the famous newspaper "Moskovsky komsomolec" all the fans of figure skating.

Evgeni Plushenko, who has withdrawn from the world figure skating championships because of an injury, left Moscow only yesterday. Before departure from Moscow the figure skater gave the first and only interview for these days to observer of "Moskovsky komsomolec" , Irina Stepanceva with the request to place his address to all fans of figure skating.

"I tried very hard. I fought. I fought for three places for Russia for the Olympic Games. But my bad form, only two weeks of trainings and a heavy injury have not allowed me this opportunity - to help our team. The Doctors of CITO ( Moscow Central traumatological Institute)where I was being inspected these days, have told that I have my groin's ligament slightly torn. Treatment will take some weeks, after that the regenerative period is necessary.

I know, that not all the people think that my decision to withdraw the Worlds was right. Some people told me: it's not important if you become second or third - you still will be a national hero. But such offers are unacceptable for me in principle. I can not fight half-heartedly and I don't want to earn undeserved emotions.

I did my best and I will always do my best in the future . I'm sorry that in Moscow I couldn't show the performance, which the fans of the figure skating were expecting and had every right to expect."

Yours Evgeni Plushenko.

Now Evgeni will have a short rest, after that the treatment will start . He will not participate in the Collins's tour COI – getting ready for Olympic Games is the most important for Evgeni now. We have seen in Moscow how the competition of the highest level looks like without Evgeni Plushenko puts the bar and forms the nature of fight for all competitions. He creates the spirit of fight.

Only the experts can judge about Evgeni's decision to perform at the Worlds in Moscow and about his planning of competitions for the present season.

A famous coach Valentin Nikolaev, for example, says:

"It's a very delicate question. Only coach and the sportsman can answer it. On the one hand there are a prestige of the country and the wish to fight, on the other hand there are also other components. Something made Evgeni fight. I don't think it was a pressure from above. It's impossible because of Mishin's high professionalism. He would not allow his injured pupil to perform on ice without a serious reason. I think that Evgeni performed in Moscow because he can not to give up.

To see what is Plushenko for figure skating today you just have to remember how the competition was without him. Everybody has landed " on his back ". Because they used "to bite" the leader dog. As the leader has disappeared, the herd has become lost and confused. Because it's easy to bite, but it's next to impossible to take the leader's place. All of them used to sit and wait behind Plushenko’s back for his one mistake, which might enable them to beat him. In fact nobody of his present rivals has ever beaten him unquestionable and direct. I think as soon as Evgenyi gets well, everything will be back to normal. "Moskovsky komsomolec" can’t help l but agree with these words …





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