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This site is a tribute to Evgeni Plushenko!

His name in Russian:

"Now I have all the titles and I'm really very happy. I love skating, I love winning, it's my life."


There are favourites. And then there are Favourites! The audience loves him. The experts see some flaws, but love him anyway! And the referees also fall for him. Evgeni Plushenko is a favourite in all camps. The reason is of course that Plushenko is so amazingly great. He is, for instance, one of the few male figure skaters that managed a so called Biellman pirouette, which has become one of his trademarks. But it's also his charm and the way he opens his heart to everyone. As well as in the competition as the final show he is a given attraction with clothes very full of imagination, even in the world of figure skating. He has accomplished everything what is possible to win in Figure Skating! He is the Worlds Greatest Figure Skating Talent, Artist, and I just love him for his Great Personality, that lovely smile and thoose blue eyes...


     Olympic gold completes set of medals.

  • 2006 Olympic Champion
  • Three time World Champion
  • Five time European Champion
  • Olympic Games Silver Medalist 2002
  • Seven times Russian National Champion
  • Since 1996 he won 52 Gold Medals, 14 Silver Medals & 4 Bronze Medals out of  78 competitions so far, only 8 times no medal.
  • He has the world record in men figure skating with 258.33 points.
  • He is the only senior male figure skater who can do the Biellman Spin.
  • He made figure skating history with a 4-3-3 jump combination.


Many thanks to Petra Eubel/Germany - King On Ice, who inspired me to do this site. She made the banner at this page etc., and much of the material comes from her site. Photos I have permission to use from her site and Maya/Japan - Lemon Vodka, and some from other owners, maybe their names aren't on them but all photos are copyrighted by their owners. So DO NOT USE ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE WITHOUT PERMISSION! Respect it please! Many, many thanks to Petra & Maya for the material.





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